Featured Image for Take a whiff! Tins of French air selling for 5.50 euros

Take a whiff! Tins of French air selling for 5.50 euros

Student Antoine Deblay is behind this somewhat genius idea of selling air from his hometown, Montcuq. His idea garnered attention from the press, and not only because of the gimmicky idea, but because ‘the name Montcuq is frequently mispronounced as ‘mon cul,’ which translates to English as ‘my ass.’ So, ‘Air de Montcuq’ roughly translates as ‘the wind of my ass’.

Deblay’s project initially started on the French crowd-funding site Kisskissbankbank, in which he raised more than $1,000 in just a few weeks. Deblay has said that he’ll only sell 10 liters of air a week from now on, ‘in order to not use up all of Montcuq’s air.’

Via Business Insider

Air 2
French Air in a can
French Air in a can

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