by Inigo del Castillo in Architecture on Thursday 12 December 2013

On the south coast of Victoria, Australia, strong winds and harsh rain constantly bring their fury on local houses. To deter the prevailing elements, Sydney-based James Stockwell has come up with a simple but effective house design, turn its back on the wind. Inspired by sand dunes, the structure turns its back from the wind and smoothly merges with the landscape. The terrain around it also serve as added protection.

‘The design looks at the core idea of shelter in an exposed environment, and that shelter may contain all the necessary activities of domestic life in an uncompromised way but that the activities are enhanced by participating in the whole and each yields to the other to a much greater extent’, Stockwell says. ‘It is shielding, robust and embracing’.

Though it acts like an impregnable fortress, it also has eye-catching design features that make it a nice place to live in. The interiors are covered in warm elements like the ash panelling with compressed sand partitions. For actual heating, the home has insulated walls, under-floor heating, and a wood-burning stove at the center.

Via Dezeen