Cover your eyes, Bart! Marge Simpson, the style icon

Marge has had a makeover! Italian illustrator Alexsandro Palombo has treated us to his best collection of fashion satire yet, featuring none other than Mrs. Simpson. Regarded as ‘the father of fashion satire,’ Alexsandro is known for his controversial and unflattering illustrations of celebs and ‘calling out high fashion designers on stealing vs. borrowing designs from the past’.

In this fantastic collection of illustrations, the artist has done nothing but entertain us with iconic outfits put on our beloved Simpsons character. From the Cirque d’Hiver Dior shoot to posing as one of the Playboy bunnies, Marge Simpson sure does show us what she’s been hiding beneath that strapless green dress all these years.

Via Messy Nessy Chic

Marge Simpson turned fashion icon
Marge Simpson turned fashion icon
Marge Simpson turned fashion icon

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