by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Wednesday 11 December 2013

Fathers and fathers-to-be, listen up: This is how a real father is like. Redditor Tatsputin is a busy dad who is always on out-of-town business trips ten days out of every month. But that doesn’t stop him from being a good dad. Before his flight, his two kids usually hand him their drawings, uncoloured scribbles and line art, and he puts in his own touch by colouring them while on the plane.

He returns the finished artworks to his kids when he comes home, and everyone is happy – save for this one time he chose the wrong colour for a character’s shirt. Still, it’s a better way to spend time on a three hour flight than watching reruns of movies.

He uses coloured pencils, but there’s this one time he forgot his pencils, so he used his iPad and the ArtStudio app to create digital versions of his kids’ drawings. Eventually, the missus encouraged him to share these wonderful works online, thus, he created an Imgur album called Coloring my kids art and shared them on Reddit.

UPDATE: Here’s a teaser from our interview with Super Dad himself, Redditor Tatsputin! [read the exclusive interview here]

What was the reaction of your kids when they first saw the coloured-in drawings?

The first of the drawings to be colored was my daughter, Sofia’s, the girl with the peace signs on her shirt. She was in kindergarden at the time or just about to enter, and she was thrilled. She gave it back to me to put in my studio.

Where did the inspiration for the idea come from?

I used to keep a sketchbook for my flights and that kept me busy during my trips. One trip, I forgot my sketchbook but remembered my colored pencils and, since my kids would always draw me something for my trips, I had a couple pictures handy. I just thought it would be neat to color one using my own personal techniques etc…

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