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Add a gramophone to your iPhone for old school listening

Call it a hipster add-on if you like, but these hi-tech gramophones are quite cool. Blending the old world with the new, these gramophones from Restoration Hardware work with both iPhones and iPads and without electricity! Developed by Matt Richmond, these gramophones amplify sound by three or four times and modeled an old Victorian horn Matt found in an antique store in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And while the gramophones are not built to blast a room with music, Matt says that’s the beauty of it: ‘There’s something about listening to a record on an old phonograph..it doesn’t have the fidelity of a CD or MP3 but it evokes a feeling. It’s the same with this. It’s about eliciting a feeling.’

Via Restoration Hardware

Gramophone dock on table
Gramophone dock on table

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