Featured Image for Ugly Christmas sweater wearers get free food at Chipotle

Ugly Christmas sweater wearers get free food at Chipotle

Londoners, take note! That ugly Christmas sweater you’ve been thinking about donating to the thrift store may just get you free food this month. Chipotle is giving away a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad or tacos to anyone who comes into their store on a Saturday (4pm – 6pm) wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. No word on how ugly the sweater has to be, but I’m guessing the uglier the better. So, we’re talking mismatched colors, weird looking elves, even fire breathing Christmas dragons. And of course, if you do get that delicious freebie, we’d love to see what sweater won you the meal!

Via Food Beast

Chipotle meal wrapped in christmas sweater

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