by Inigo del Castillo in New Food and Packaging on Saturday 7 December 2013

Know what you could do with those Instagram photos of you and your ex? Have them printed on marshmallows and burn them on an open campfire! Then eat them with murderous delight! *Insert maniacal laugh* UK-based Boomf has created a way for Instagrammers to send them their photos via connect feature and have them printed on a 4cm x 4cm marshmallow.

It’s recommended that users send in photos that have good lighting to preserve the details. Users can choose up to 9 photos (hopefully, not all are selfies) and Boomf will print it into a set. Originally it was only meant for UK residents, but due to demand, they are now shipping worldwide. Now, everyone can take an Instagram photo of an Instagram photo on a marshmallow.

Via Food Beast