by Inigo del Castillo in Architecture on Saturday 7 December 2013

Finally, going to Church can be seen as something … cool. In Mitterfirmiansreut, Germany, locals built a Catholic church made out of ice and snow. This is part of their hundred-year tradition where town officials in the past refused a request from residents to build a church. To remedy this, locals did what anyone else would do, make a snow fort church.

Catholic Church Dean Kajetan Steinbeisser tells ABC News, ‘It was meant as an act of provocation. Believers from the village got together and built a snow church because they didn’t have a church here’.

The 65 foot structure, nicknamed God’s Igloo, cost more than $200,000 and used 49,000 cubic feet of snow to construct and was delayed by a few weeks due to warm weather. Damn you, global warming! Church attendance is expected to shoot up as thousands of visitors arrive to see the ice church for themselves before it melts away.

Via Yahoo!