Startling photos show microscopic structures of dried human tears

Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher has a fantastic project out called Topography of Tears, where she uses microscopes to give us ‘an unexpected view of another familiar subject: dried human tears’. She started the project around five years ago, ‘during a period of copious tears’ and realized that ‘everything we see in our lives is just the tip of the iceberg, visually’, which is where this fascinating collection of photos comes from.

This multi-year project saw Fisher collect and examine more than 100 tears from herself as well as volunteers (including a newborn!). Rose-Lynn Fisher also has a pretty cool term for tears, calling them ‘aerial views of emotional terrain’, as the pictures she produced resembled large-scale landscapes. Eye watering stuff!

Via Smithsonian Magazine

crystalized human tear close ups
crystalized human tear close ups
crystalized human tear close ups

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