by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Thursday 5 December 2013

We all know how it is to feel embarrassed by our grandparents; either it’s their old-school style of clothes, their lack of techie knowledge, or just because they’re plain old. But take a look at Linda Dajana Kruger’s series of grandparents decked out in streetwear, and you’ll begin to see things differently.

Kruger, aka Dai Lyn Power, got some elders and dressed them in ‘gangsta’ outfits, i.e. bling-bling, beanies, metallic backpacks, and tees. They definitely got the swag to pull it off, but it gives us perspective on how funny and ridiculous we youngsters can look sometimes. It also gives us a clearer picture that we like our grandparents just the way they are.

Via Daily N Power