Featured Image for Grossest product of the year? KFC scented candles sell out in less than a minute

Grossest product of the year? KFC scented candles sell out in less than a minute

Who doesn’t want their house filled with the enticing aroma of KFC’s mouth-watering fried chicken? (Yes, we jest) Kentucky for Kentucky, an online store that sells items promoting Kentucky people, places, and products, paired up with Kathy Werking and produced a line of scented candles that embodied the ‘sweetest sides of Kentucky’.

By frying chicken and a unique blend of spices in an all-natural soy wax, they were able to come up with the Kentucky Fried Chicken scented candles. Alas, the time has passed to avail of these candles. Last November 22 at 10:30 am, along with other scents like Ale 8, ginger and citrus, and Kentucky Derby, the 25 KFC-inspired candles priced at $22 were sold out in under a minute. Yes, a minute. We’ll never know when they’ll start selling those again, so for the meantime, just step inside a KFC and bask in the ambiance and smell of that finger-lickin’ fried chicken.

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