by Lost At E Minor in New Photography on Wednesday 4 December 2013

Fashion photographer Per Zennstrom uses a glitch generator to digitally distort and “destroy” his images in an experimental and colorful beauty project with hair designed by Carina Finnström and make-up by Fredrik Stambro. When the photographer came across a Glitch Generator, created by Georg Fisher, he immediately knew that he had to try it out on a series of images that had been laying around for a while: ‘I really liked the wild and crazy abandon of these images but something was missing – and I couldn’t really put my finger on it. These images were pretty and maybe that was the problem. I felt I needed to “destroy“ them a bit and that’s when I happened to come across this Glitch Generator.

The glitchy distortions (along with some Photoshop work) echo the extravagant hair by Carina Finnström and make-up by Fredrik Stambro. The two beauty artists worked with patterns and materials that took their inspiration from the animal kingdom.