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Mum makes Play-Doh mosaic with 10,000 Play-Doh dots

Here’s what you could achieve with a lot of sweat, patience, and Play-Doh. Lacy Knudson was playing with her three kids and making small balls out Play-Doh when it suddenly hit her that she could use these for art! It was a win-win situation: she could make beautiful art while spending time with her kids. And thus, the Dozayix (playDOh + moSAICS) was born.

A New World was the first piece to be completed by this meticulous but fun technique. To get it done, Knudson had to blend 23 pounds of Play-Doh to create these 10,000 half-inch dots. Since then, she has created two more mosaics that took her months to complete. Check out the time-lapse video to see how gruelingly fun doing a Dozayix is.

Via Twisted Sifter

playdoh mosaic artwork
playdoh mosaic artwork
playdoh mosaic artwork

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