Featured Image for Cats embroidered on shirt pockets by artist Hiroko Kubota

Cats embroidered on shirt pockets by artist Hiroko Kubota

Some kids have all the luck. Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota got a special request from her feline-obsessed son when she was making custom-sized clothes for him: he wanted cats on his shirt.

The skilled embroidery artist that she is, spectacularly detailed cats soon found a home in her son’s shirt pockets. She posted the photos online, and naturally, the cat-crazy internet gobbled it up. In response, she started an Etsy shop under the name Go!Go!5 where she sells the shirts for a hefty $250-$300 apiece. Again, as expected, the price tag didn’t stop the internet cat people from getting one. Don’t be surprised if the next fashion trend involves cat embroideries on jeans and underwear.

UPDATE: Read our exclusive interview with the embroidered cat whisperer herself, Hiroko Kubota, here. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek.

How did you get started in your career as an embroidery artist?
In the beginning, I made accessories with embroidery and sold them in a net shop.

How long does it take for you to embroider each cat on a shirt?
It takes 2-3 days for me to embroider a cat. ( And  takes 1 day to cut and sew.)  But actually it takes time a little more because I must do housework, as well.

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embroidered cat pocket
embroidered cat pocket
embroidered cat pocket
embroidered cat pocket
embroidered cat pocket

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