by Elise Boyd in Tech on Monday 2 December 2013

Last week in the Lost At E Minor office, we had a lightbulb moment – a dimly-lit lightbulb moment, but a lightbulb moment all the same. It suddenly dawned on us that despite living and breathing street art every day, we’ve never shown our Lost At E Minor friends (yes, that’s you) some of the art that we get to see on our daily commutes into the office. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d show you around our hoods.

Luckily we had the HTC One mini on hand, which came packed with HTC Zoe. Get this: you simply press the shutter and the phone automatically takes up to 20 photos as well as a 3 second video. So it totally captures the moment.

You can then take that moment, in either photo or video format, and edit it, add a bunch of cool effects, then share it with your friends via HTC BlinkFeed, which feeds your social media addiction and gives you all of your updates on your homescreen.

But wait, there’s more.

When you’re in HTC Zoe mode, there’s a crazy cool futuristic setting: before you even press the shutter button, the camera is buffering the action so it captures photos from a second before you actually press the shutter. Whaaat? We know, right.

First up in our explorations of our hoods was the leafy, delightfully hipstery Surry Hills in Sydney. Equipped with Vodafones’s 4G network and Dropbox, we set out on our own mini street walking tour and took some snaps.

Check them out below.

From Surry Hills, it was up to Newcastle where we snapped a few cheeky shots of the work of our favourite local artists, Trevor Dickinson and Umpel, as you can also see below.

So it was mission accomplished. And the best part? The HTC One mini is available to our Australian friends on Vodafone from just $50 a month. That’s a deal. But at that price, you’ll have to find the street art to photograph yourself.

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