by Rachel Oakley in Video on Wednesday 27 November 2013

Forty-eight years! We waited forty-eight years for Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone to release a music video! Credit belongs to (apart from Mr. Dylan himself) Vania Heymann, a 27-year-old Israeli ‘viral video whiz’ who’s created commercials for the likes of Pepsi and American Express. So why will this become viral? It’s because the music video is completely interactive.

‘The concept is simple. As you watch television, the characters on screen begin to mouth the lyrics to Dylan’s 1965 classic. You change to one of the 15 other channels. New characters appear. No matter when you flip to them, they’re still singing Dylan’s song’.

It’s kind of addictive, but with such a classic song, you’ll never grow tired of it.

Watch the video here

Via The Daily Beast