by Inigo del Castillo in New Trends on Tuesday 26 November 2013

If you’re ever walking in the streets of Odessa, Ukraine, and some guy goes ‘Wow that’s girl’s so beautiful! What a doll’, you might want to believe what he said, like literally. 20-year old Alina Kovaleskayais is quickly becoming famous online for being a real-life Barbie. She has the natural features of Barbie, which are big eyes, a small nose, and plump lips.

But in order to really imitate the image of the famous doll, Alina puts on several layers of makeup thick enough to remove human-like features such as wrinkles and pores. She also emphasizes make-up around the eyes to make them look abnormally large.

Alina follows the footsteps of famous Barbie look-alikes, Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, who also happen to come from Odessa. You’d think three Barbie imitators are more than enough for one city to have. You’re wrong. There are around seven Barbie doll imitators in Odessa alone, making it the unofficial Barbie imitator capital of the world.

Via Oddity Central