by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Monday 25 November 2013

There are thousands of photos that are uploaded online every day. You’ll occasionally run into one or two incredible photos you simply can’t get enough of. Because we love spoiling our Lost At E Minor readers, here’s 10 of them.

The first snow of the winter in Bergen, Norway
‘Boy, this would make a good photo opportunity to show the world that I don’t have anyone else to share this beautiful view with’.

The hottest kiss ever. Photograph by Dallas Nagata
‘Quick let’s take a photo of us making out near molten hot lava! It’s dangerous and we might die in the most horrific and painful way, but it will all be worth it if we make it out alive’. Photo was taken by Dallas Nagata and her husband, Ed White.

Inside the old metropolitan opera house Photograph via The Natioanl Archives and Records Administration
The old metropolitan opera house back when opera was on everyone’s weekend plans, and everyone was in black & white. Photo via The National Archives and Records.

Mauritius waterfall illusion
In the island nation of Mauritius lies a runoff of sand and silt deposits that create an illusion of an underwater waterfall. Or it could mean that Cthulhu is finally waking up.

Swimmer. Photograph by Adam Pretty
‘Blurp, blurp, blurp… How am I supposed to win god of I can’t even get through this damn water resistance!’ A perfectly-timed photo by photographer Adam Pretty.

Perseid meteor shower. Photograph by David Kingham on Flickr
Taken by photographer David Kingham, this is a stunning photo of the Perseid Meteor Shower raining down its not-so-world-ending fury on the mountain ranges of Wyoming.

Polar bear underwater. Photograph by Paul Souders
‘Just a little closer Mr. Photographer, you are falling right into my trap.” Photographer Paul Souders waited two cold and gruelling weeks to get this close to a polar bear, but it was all worth it as he was able to take this award-winning shot.

Salar De Uyini, Bolivia
A place that the internet loves so much, Salar De Uiyini in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt desert. To be at the salt flats gives an outer-worldly impression of a never-ending sea of clouds.

Flight Simulator X
Even video games are capable of drool-worthy photographs. Here’s a screen shot from Flight Simulator X. It’s almost as awesome and gut-churning as the real thing.

Supermoons happen once every 14 full moons in full moon cycle. The last occurrence was on June 23, 2013. It will not happen again until August 10, 2014, to the delight of places often visited by werewolves.