Featured Image for Dry-aged steak? How about 3,000 years old steak?

Dry-aged steak? How about 3,000 years old steak?

Researchers are always finding new and exciting things to share with us about the ancient world, but this one takes the steak. Known as the ‘beef rib mummy,’ this slice of meat was found perfectly preserved in the tomb of Yuya and Tjuiu, the parents of Queen Tiye. It dates back to 1386 to 1349 B.C. and was found to have had a mixture of fat or oil, beeswax, and Pistacia resin in its balm.

The Pistacia resin ‘most likely came from trees such as the mastic gum or Chios turpentine, which historically have been used for preservation’. And it was also considered a luxury item in ancient Egypt and might’ve been added to food to give it a particular flavor.

Via Discover Magazine

Gold Mummy Head Bust
Gold Mummy Head Bust

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