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True love: a World of Warcraft-themed wedding

How would you know if the girl you’re going to marry really is The One? When you ask her if you guys can have a World of Warcraft-themed wedding, and she says yes, then she’s The One. Never let her go, you lucky man, never let her go! In their prenuptial photo shoot, Craig and Zoe dressed up as World of Warcraft characters, King Varien Wrynn and Tyrande Whisperwind, respectively.

Craig literally looked like a knight in shining armor while Zoe looked stunning in a beautiful gown adorned with intricate, fantasy-inspired embellishments.

In Taiwan as part of tradition, weddings have two days of festivities. They wore these outfits at their engagement party, but will also wear them on the second day, which is the wedding itself (which will be held in January). We’re hoping that all their guests received wedding invitations with an attire section that read: ‘Strictly Paladins for men, Hunters for women’.

Via Kotaku

wow cosplay wedding photo: bride approaching the groom
wow cosplay wedding photo: couple in castle hallway
wow cosplay wedding photo: couple in castle gardens
wow cosplay wedding photo: couple in forrest
wow cosplay wedding photo: couple on rock formations
wow cosplay wedding photo: groom in costume in the forrest

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