Kids telling dirty jokes will either make you laugh or cry

Kids can really crack us up with their knock knock jokes. But not all kids tell squeaky-clean jokes. Vice’s new Kids Telling Dirty Jokes series features ‘tiny comedians’ they found on Craigslist that tell the most unbelievably dirty and offensive jokes you’ve probably heard. Here’s a few: ‘How do you circumcise a redneck? Kick his sister in the jaw.” “I like my women like I like my scotch: 12 years old and mixed with some cok’e

Yeah, kids are actually saying this online, in videos, with their parents’ permission. No word yet on where the material came from—if the kids wrote it themselves (unlikely) or Vice gave them a script to run with, but either way, this web series will have you double taking with each joke.

Via Vice

boy in green shirt telling Dirty Jokes
girl in pink shirt telling Dirty Jokes

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