Featured Image for Life’s Not A Fairytale: ads for Mercy Academy get the message across

Life’s Not A Fairytale: ads for Mercy Academy get the message across

Growing up to be a princess? Want a prince to come save you? Not at Mercy Academy! This all-girls college-prep academy in Kentucky has made the message clear – prepare for real life – with an ad campaign created by the Doe-Anderson agency.

Captions such as ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, Be more than just the fairest of them all,’ ‘You’re not a princess’ and ‘Be able to rescue yourself’ are used in the Disney-themed advertising of Mercy Academy, where young women are trained in ‘the art of critical thinking through a performance task-based curriculum’. The campaign is also getting clever with Twitter, using #morethanaprincess to spread the word even more.

Via Adweek

Who's the fairest of them all poster
Your'e Not a Princess poster
Life is not a Fairytale poster

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