Featured Image for Sleep with the polar bears at Canada’s Tundra Lodge

Sleep with the polar bears at Canada’s Tundra Lodge

Wouldn’t it be great to come face to face with a polar bear without the risk of being eaten alive? Welcome to Canada’s Tundra Lodge! ‘Strategically placed on a small spit of land that just out into the Hudson Bay’, this incredible part of the world attracts the highest number of polar bears in the world. The Tundra Lodge is a rolling hotel with sleeper train cars for polar bear watching, and if you’re lucky, a viewing of the Northern Lights, too.

The Tundra Lodge limits its guest intake to just 29 and is placed ‘in an area of high polar bear density’ at the beginning of the polar bear season, from October through November. Each room is a single compartment and the lodge has six shared toilets, four showers and a lounge area for viewing.

Polar Bears Near Tundra-Lodge
people watching polar bears
Polar Bears climbing on vehicle with tourist inside

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