by Rachel Oakley in New Illustration on Monday 18 November 2013

Lena Durham’s Girls TV show has been praised for its portrayal of young, twenty-something girls struggling to make sense of life in New York City. Full-time illustrator Nina Cosford has taken note, and produced a fun and colorful celebration of the show’s characters in a project titled Girls Illustrated. This cute and quirky collection of illustrations gives new life to Hannah and her gals, with a few sketches of familiar places found in the show.

Cosford says of her work and her reaction to watching Girls, ‘When I watched an episode for the first time, one of my friends who I watched it with was really shocked and taken aback by it, which I found really entertaining. It made me realize how different it is as a reflection on young people and their blunders, however uncomfortable it can be to watch’.

Via Daily Dot