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Meet Ippo the Italian Zonkey

What do you get when love knows no boundaries? A Zonkey! Ok I can explain this. At an animal reserve in Florence, Italy, a zebra by the name of Martin apparently had some mating feels for Giada, the donkey. One day, Martin jumped the fence separating the two animals and something magical happened. 12 months later, a half-zebra, half-donkey was born and named Ippo.

Zonkeys are a rare crossbeed, usually having a male zebra and a female donkey as parents. They usually look like a donkey with the legs and temperament of a zebra. Ippo is so rare, that she is the only Zonkey in Italy. It’s not yet known if Ippo can bear offspring – as Zonkeys are usually infertile – but she is expected to live a full and healthy life.

Via Laughing Squid

little zonkey
zonkey in field
zonkey playing
baby zonkey
two zonkeys

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