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Canada to build a million-dollar highway for potential roadkill to safely cross

We all know Canadians are nice, but to build a million-dollar highway for potential roadkill? Now that’s just showing off. The highways we build for our cars cut across vast habitats and environments.

This would have all been fine, except you know, animals don’t exactly know how to use a pedestrian lane and usually end up on some car’s hood. Enter the really, really nice and considerate Canadians. They built an animal highway where animals like elk, coyotes, wolves, sheep, moose, bears, and deer can safely cross from one side of the highway to the other. There will be as many as 38 wildlife underpasses and 6 overpasses by 2014 in the Banff National Park’s east entrance to the border of  Yoho National Park.

Though will these animal highways be successful? Because we’ll never know if bears prefer playing Frogger with the cars instead of crossing peacefully in the animal overpass. Well, according to statistics, animals in the Banff National Park have used the crossings an estimate 200,000 times since 1996. That’s 200,000 times drivers didn’t hear their passengers screaming “MOOSE!” while driving and not paying attention to the road.

So, just to keep tally on the niceness board, that’s: Canada – 42,124,434, The rest of us – 0. Not a bad score, eh?

canada wildlife crossing
canada wildlife crossing

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