Swiss engineer takes his jetpack for a spin round Mount Fuji

We’ve seen countless jetpack prototypes over the years but has a jetpack ever really worked after its first use? Swiss engineer Yves Rossy may have come up with the best model yet because not only did it work (more than once), but he used it to fly around Japan’s Mount Fuji nine times.

Rossy made the pack himself and it has a max. flight time of 13 minutes, weighs 132 pounds and reaches speeds up to 185 mph. He started each of his nine trips from inside an airplane to ‘get up near eye level with 12,388 feet of Fuji-san’. And this isn’t Yves Rossy’s first jetpack experience. Back in 2011 this guy used his homemade jetpack to fly over the Grand Canyon.

Via Mashable

man on jet pack on the BBC
man on jet pack on the BBC
man who wore the Jetpack
man on jet pack on the BBC

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