Featured Image for Glow in the dark ice cream thanks to jellyfish protein

Glow in the dark ice cream thanks to jellyfish protein

Haven’t we all dreamed of glow in the dark ice cream? Well, glow in the dark anything is cool but this just takes the cake! Charlie Francis, an ice cream aficionado, has invented this all-too-wacky ice cream that ‘harnesses its magic from chemically recreated jellyfish protein’ and glows in the dark just like you’d imagine. Francis worked with Chinese scientists to come up with the formula to bring this idea to life, with the ice cream reacting to your tongue, ‘upping the protein’s pH level with each lick’. Meaning, the more ice cream you lick, the more it glows. But don’t get too excited, a scoop of this magical stuff goes for around $225.

Via Thrillist

jelly fish in dark blue water

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