by Low Lai Chow in Cool Travel on Saturday 9 November 2013

When the Gezi Park protests happened across Istanbul in May this year, Karaköy’s Galeri Mana ended up opening Armenian artist Sarkis’ art show only part of the time. In September, the show reopened with Sarki unveiling a new work: a rainbow installation that had been in a year’s making or so. The work had a huge impact in the community, with one citizen in Cihangir painting the grey steps in his neighborhood in rainbow hues, only for the district’s municipality to turn them grey them again.

Other numerous neighborhoods across Turkey soon took the cue, painting their steps and roads in the colors of the rainbow. As the artist said, ‘What happened at Gezi was uncalculated, like art itself. A time comes and it comes out. Like life.’ How inspirational.

Via Todayszaman