Featured Image for Revealing images of the living conditions of animals in zoos

Revealing images of the living conditions of animals in zoos

Gaston Lacombe visited different zoos from 9 countries in five different continents, shooting photographs of animals and their living conditions in zoos. This series of powerful, and mostly saddening, photographs is called Captive. Enraging as it may be, Lacombe chose not to tell the names of these places, wanting to draw attention to all zoos rather than just shame a few.

According to Lacombe: ‘Even in the very best of zoos you still find animals placed in horrible cement enclosures or little glass boxes. Not all zoos are equal. Some make great efforts to provide their animals with adequate and comfortable habitats, and some others can only be described as animal torture chambers’.

Lacombe adds: ‘However, in all zoos, there are always some animals wedged in habitats that are inappropriate, inadequate and uncomfortable. I still haven’t seen any exceptions to this’.

Via My Modern Met

empty zoo enclosure
water pond zoo enclosure
zoo tiger is plain cement environment
fox in zoo enclosure
Gopher in zoo enclosure
Bear in zoo enclosure
lion in zoo enclosure
turtle  in zoo enclosure
Monkey in zoo enclosure

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