by Rachel Oakley in Tech on Wednesday 6 November 2013

Forget about online IQ tests to see how smart you are, go to namethatblue and see just how much attention you’ve been paying to the world around you. Yes, this website is dedicated to all the different shades of blue, because do you know how many companies use blue as their primary color? A lot, that’s how many.

See if you can distinguish Rdio’s blue from Instagram’s or Trello’s dark blue from Twitter’s light blue? What about Facebook and Intel? Is there even a difference. Um, yes! And when you get bored of the blues, how about guessing which purple is Pinboard’s and which is Yahoo!’s.

Or perhaps which yellow belongs to Sprint and which to Snapchat. So addictive and such a time waster, but you’ll surprise yourself with how long you spend on this site, swearing that you know all the colors of the interwebs.