by Zac in Cool Travel on Monday 4 November 2013

hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills is perfectly positioned to capture the vivid nightlife that springs to life each evening in the city’s most edgy and interesting suburb.

Right on the Adina’s doorsteps are some of the best cafes and restaurants in Sydney. We had a breakfast brought up from the iconic and popular Bill’s cafe downstairs. And dinner was from just one of the seemingly unlimited offerings on the streets nearby – from a hidden gem for lunch, Bangbang cafe in nearby Reservoir street, or your pick of cuisine from Crown St.

The newly built Adina is built to high standards for an apartment hotel. Our room had quite a spectacular wide view of Sydney’s skyline from its balcony – and offered a different view of the city. The main room was large and dominated by a wonderful over-size photo of a glacial ice-flow, and each room has it’s own stunning imagery. There were two large rooms and a full kitchen and laundry, making the Adina the perfect stopping spot for a visit to Sydney where you can unearth the many surprises that Surry Hills has to offer.