Featured Image for The banana people have come to replace our heads with, uhm, bananas.

The banana people have come to replace our heads with, uhm, bananas.

In a parallel universe, the Cavendish people – humans with bananas for heads – went milling about their daily lives. The banana children went to school and presumably learned about how to avoid banana-loving monkeys. The adult bananas either scrounged for food or taught other Cavendish kids how to do pull-ups while holding a chopstick.

These are just a few images of the bizarre (obviously, an understatement) illustrations of banana people by Lin Shih-Yung. Here’s to hoping none of the Cavendish people visit our dreams tonight.

banana people with candle
banana boy
banana man near tree
banana kids playing
dancing banana people
dancing banana kid and mom
banana kid on moms back
banana girl

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