Featured Image for Photos show one person playing two genders

Photos show one person playing two genders

How about taking on the role of both sexes? In J J Levine’s photo series ‘Alone Time, the artist takes us on a unique journey into the life of both woman and man, as single models portray two characters in each photo. As a ‘queer and trans identifying artist’, Levine says, ‘I never alter body shapes or gender traits digitally. These images are convincing by no means other than costume, makeup, pose, and gesture. This technical detail further demonstrates that bodies and gender presentations can be malleable or subject to change’.

Asked what the main goal of the work was, J J says, “Ultimately, I aim to destabilize the notion of gender as singular and predestined by the sex we are assigned at birth.”

Via Daily Mail UK

Gender reversed watching a movie on the couch
Gender reversed playing music
Gender reversed laying in bed
Gender reversed red necks
Gender reversed sitting on the couch

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