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Egotism, laziness, hysteria: reasons to be admitted to 1800s insane asylum

If the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is anything to go by, we should all be locked up forever! From 1864 to 1889, this West Virginian hospital admitted all kinds of people to its insane asylum and we’ve got the list of ailments to share with you.

There’s your usual feebleness of intellect, epileptic fits and hysteria that we usually see in old-timey asylums, but how about these other somewhat hilarious reasons for admission: imaginary female trouble, masturbation for 30 years, immoral life, medicine to prevent conception, and novel reading.

I’ve gone down the list and I’m definitely ready to be put away in the asylum, counting over a dozen ailments I need to have looked into.

Fortunately, this insane asylum has shut its doors—to patients anyway. You can take part in a heritage tour of this place, or, if you’re game, a ghost tour (where paranormal activity is said to take place).

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Insane asylum

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