Austraian comic artist Dave Mahler launches his first book length work

I don’t think my friends like me when I talk comics. I get heated, I defend the medium with gusto. No, I’m not talking superheroes – some are cool, most are pubescent boy fantasies catered to man-children. I’m talking indie, alternative, underground art. Comics are an art form unto itself. The medium has its own unique codes and conventions, like editing in film, and rambling in literature (ba-dum-tsh)

So, surprise, I’m a comic artist. I’m a creator based in Melbourne, Australia. I put out my first mini-comic when I was nine. It was awful. Over the past couple of years I’ve self-published a number of mini’s and biggie’s, most recently the kind-of-quarterly ‘Coracle’ series.

My first book length work, Deep Park, was recently launch at the Small Press Expo (SPX) over in the states and on September 27th in Melbourne.

novel cover