by Dave Mahler in New Illustration on Friday 1 November 2013

I don’t think my friends like me when I talk comics. I get heated, I defend the medium with gusto. No, I’m not talking superheroes – some are cool, most are pubescent boy fantasies catered to man-children. I’m talking indie, alternative, underground art. Comics are an art form unto itself. The medium has its own unique codes and conventions, like editing in film, and rambling in literature (ba-dum-tsh)

So, surprise, I’m a comic artist. I’m a creator based in Melbourne, Australia. I put out my first mini-comic when I was nine. It was awful. Over the past couple of years I’ve self-published a number of mini’s and biggie’s, most recently the kind-of-quarterly ‘Coracle’ series.

My first book length work, Deep Park, was recently launch at the Small Press Expo (SPX) over in the states and on September 27th in Melbourne.