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Monterrey library is a reading space, playroom and climbing experience

Take a look at this library in Monterrey, Mexico. Designed by the team at Anagrama, the Children’s Library and Culture Center lies inside a warehouse-like building and boasts an incredibly modern design that sees neon rafters and shelves offset by angular shaped shelving and flooring.

Anagrama, while trying to come up with a concept, say the ‘asymmetrical reading platform meant to stimulate Monterrey’s mountainous topography’ and that the bookshelves are not only used as storage, but ‘serve as a dynamic space to play and learn, to fire the imagination and provide comfort while reading’.

If this doesn’t get the kids away from the computer screen and into books, I don’t know what will!

Via Adorable Home

a-very-modern-library- Arch way
modern library seating
pink and blue ceiling rafters

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