Featured Image for BONDI RD: Summery spritzers from [yellow tail]

BONDI RD: Summery spritzers from [yellow tail]

For all of us down here in the southern hemisphere, the summer months are approaching fast. The sunny days, the bustle during the balmy nights, and the Sunday BBQs which always end a little later then we plan are coming. Yeeha! With this is mind [yellow tail] have created BONDI RD, a new range of sparkling sav blanc spritzers with a natural sav blanc taste and a light spritz for a finish that’s not too fizzy nor too sweet.

We recently tried them out at our Sydney Lost At E Minor party and, with natural original, elderflower and mint, and ginger and green tea varieties, they went down a treat. Almost too well, if you know what we mean. All we can say now is bring on summer!

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