by Cormack O'Connor in Cool Travel on Tuesday 29 October 2013

Imagine being stuck in the beautiful (ha) industrial area of Alexandria on an early weekend morning having not yet had breakfast. I bet you’re feeling pretty miserable right now. I was too, until, like an oasis in the desert, I stumbled upon The Grounds.

What is The Grounds, I hear you say? Well, it may just be the best example of city folk pretending they’re in the country that I’ve ever seen. And let me tell you, I know what I’m talking about: I’m originally from the Hunter Valley (a place where Sydney people go to drink wine and eat good food on the weekend).

You enter a massive courtyard, where market stalls sell organic juice (made right before your eyes), freshly baked pastries (apple muffin, please) and Brazilian-inspired barbecue items, amongst animal pens and beautiful gardens.

There’s also a massive restaurant (which had a wait time of one hour) at which you tickle your taste buds. I honestly couldn’t believe how popular the space was. In fact, everything about it was so good that I went back for lunch: Quinoa and smoked salmon. You can’t beat that combo.