Featured Image for 500 Dino Footprints Found on Bolivian Wall Date Back 65 MILLION Years

500 Dino Footprints Found on Bolivian Wall Date Back 65 MILLION Years

You’re looking at history right before your eyes! These incredible (and I mean increeeedible) images of dinosaur footprints were found 5 km from downtown Sucre in Bolivia on a 1.5km long limestone slab. Here they found 462 distinctive dino tracks from at least 8 different species, with 5,055 individual footprints in total.

According to scientists, the footprints were formed during the Maastrichtian age of the Cretaceous Period in the Mesozoic Era. The wet-dry pattern of damp weather and drought sealed the prints in mud and sediment, while tectonic activity “pushed flat ground up to a brilliant viewing angle – as if nature was aware of its tourism potential.” It’s nothing short of fascinating!

Via Twisted Sifter

fossils in rock formations
work looking at fossils in rock formations
valley where fossils in rock formations where found
work looking at fossils in rock formations

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