by Annie Churdar in New Products on Tuesday 22 October 2013

This snazzy alarm clock promises to wake you up on the ‘right side of the bed’ every morning. Start your day with a rush of pleasure as you gain consciousness. Boasting 30 levels of intensity, the Little Rooster alarm vibrator claims to be silent and comfortable to wear in all sleeping positions. It starts gently and has a timed “snorgasm” snooze setting. [read an interview with Little Rooster inventor]

I just have one question that the information video didn’t answer for me. The website features photos of couples waking up together in the morning. How do those guys feel knowing their ladies prefer this vibrator alarm clock to them every morning?

UPDATE: Exclusive interview with Little Rooster inventor and CEO.
What was the funniest feedback you’ve gotten so far?
Oh, there are so many!  One of the delights of my job is hearing all the very happy, sex positive people out there being very creative with the ways in which they use pleasure to make their lives happier and better, and dropping me a line to tell me all about it!

But I think it has to be the email I received from a very satisfied customer saying she uses it on the train when commuting to work every morning!  Before her husband bought her a Little Rooster she would often fall asleep, miss her stop and get in late and flustered. She actually credited us with saving her job – though she did not say whether she now arrived at work on time and flustered!

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