by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Tuesday 22 October 2013

Hey, remember that time you went gaga over those dancers getting photographed doing real life things? Yes, that dude dangerously dancing in the shower. THAT photography series. It’s back. Jordan Matter is doing for athletes what he did for ballet dancers, making them do real life stuff. [Our readers did a Facebook Q&A with him. Check it out here]

There’s a football (read: soccer) player proposing a football to his girlfriend, an American football player tackling his, ehem, ‘friend’, a samurai giving himself a shave, an extreme pizza delivery guy, etc. What, no basketball? Oh yeah, we have enough real life basketball using scrap paper and the office trash bin.

UPDATE: We had the pleasure of getting an interview with Jordan, despite his bus schedule. I the interview, he talks about his most famous work, ‘Dancers Among Us’, as well as other series like ‘Athletes Among Us’ and ‘Uncovered’.

Logistically, which was harder to shoot, Dancers Among Us or Athletes Among Us?
Athletes Among Us is much harder! I’ve been shooting Dancers Among Us for the past four years, and I’ve only recently begun Athletes Among Us. I find AAU to be much more challenging- accomplished athletes are more difficult to find, and their skill set is generally harder to incorporate into everyday life. With dancers, there is always the “Wow” factor- look how high he jumps, look how flexible she is, and on and on. A simple photograph can be very striking because of the awesomeness of a dancer’s technique. With athletes, however, their skills may be more subtle- one of endurance or speed or eye/hand coordination. Frozen as a still image, these skills have the potential to look unimpressive. This is the greatest challenge I face with AAU. It’s very exciting, because I know there is so much still to discover.