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You can ship animal waste anonymously to your enemy

Whoah, what is this? If it doesn’t smell fishy, it must at least smell like fish poop. Not that you’d find an option to ship that, though on Shit Senders, which allows you to order fresh dung (choose from the fine produce of cows, elephants, gorillas — or make a combo shit pack) and send it to the vile company you keep.

Shit Senders has even devised a fair plan to make sure the recipients really open up the package and get their nose and hands in the shit — by sticking a card in the nasty stuff that taunts them further with the message ‘You’ve been pooped on. Want to know whom?’ in front and ‘We’ll never tell’ at the back. Sadly though, you can’t include a personal note with the package for ‘legal reasons’. But it’s still wicked.

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