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Christchurch Pallet Pavilion to live on through summer

It was an initiative that spawned from the creativity of Christchurch residents and the desire for an inner-city live venue among the city’s disused CBD. Originally set to be pulled down back in June, the temporary Pallet Pavilion is set to now remain open throughout the summer.

Located at Victoria Square on the site of the former Crowne Plaza hotel, Pallet Pavilion was built from the time, money and hands of Christchurch, with residents and businesses chipping in to fund a structure created entirely from blue, wooden CHEP pallets. The project was driven by Gap Filler, a group formed which aims to promote temporary urban regeneration in quake-affected areas.

Pallet Pavilion was built over six short weeks in late 2012, with around 2600 volunteer hours being poured into its construction. The result is an aesthetically imposing, blue structure viewed from the outside that becomes a bright, open expanse once inside.

With pop-up cafes, food caravans and a bar, music and other live performances during the summer made Pallet Pavilion an immensely popular destination for locals – so much so that a crowdfunding campaign saw its initial deconstruction date of June 2013 pushed back until the end of the upcoming summer.

When it eventually does come down, all materials will be put back into re-use, with the majority of the wooden pallets being distributed to Cantabrian farmers and the plastic-crate furnishings being recycled.

With a range of events in the pipeline for the coming months, Pallet Pavilion is the ideal space to take in the delights of summer, so get along and enjoy it while you can.


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Chad has a penchant for music, travel and ecologically sustainable urban design. He has a particular interest in the work of Jan Gehl, and wishes more Australian cities would do the same.

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