by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Friday 18 October 2013

If by any chance that one day you go to your closet and put on some clothes, only to realize you’ve put on your wife’s/husband’s garments (I’m sure that totally happens to everyone on a regular basis), you can now consider yourself a candidate for Hana Pesut’s photography series, Switcharoo.

This series features couples who get photographed in their ‘normal’ outfits and in their gender swapped clothing. Switcharoo is an interesting series that welcomes discussions on gender norms and expectations. What do you think about gender swapped roles and clothing?

UPDATE: We interviewed Hana and talked more about her series, her book, and her potential series featuring animals wearing hats and/or helmets. Here’s a little excerpt from the full interview.

Everyone knows about your famous series Switcheroo. What inspired you to embark on this project? 
I was camping with some friends and two of them were dressed very different from each other. One was wearing leopard print leggings, a tie dye shirt, gold embroidered coat and silk scarves in her hair and everything was very bright and colourful and the other friend was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt so I thought it would be interesting if they traded outfits and I took before and after photos.

Via Nothing Major