by Annie Churdar in New Fashion on Thursday 17 October 2013

She kept stopping in a bathroom to reach into her bra every time she needed money. And we were in NYC on vacation, so that was about every five minutes. But my mother insisted it was the only way to protect against pickpockets. It was one of the more mortifying memories of my twelve-year-old career as her daughter. If only the Clever Travel Companion had been around back then.

This line of comfy underpants, long johns, and undershirts are a stylish solution to the bra trick, the love-handle-making money belts, and the no-so-secure necklace wallet. These nifty undergarments boast perfectly shaped pockets and zippers in order to keep your passport, money, and cards 100% pickpocket proof.  I got a pair of the long johns recently and was blown away by the extreme comfort and quality of the design.  These guys are a perfect Christmas present for your nomadic loved one.