Featured Image for Cloud Paint lets you relive your childhood as a MacPaint genius

Cloud Paint lets you relive your childhood as a MacPaint genius

If you were lucky enough to have a Macintosh computer back in the day, you’ll have been pretty obsessed with the ultimate program of programs: MacPaint. Using just your keyboard and mouse to lasso and paint, you could create incredible images right on the screen. It was like magic!

With the introduction of KidPix, Paintbrush and of course, Photoshop, MacPaint has now become obsolete. But because we’re all fond of a childhood memory, Cloud Paint allows you to draw your incredible black and white masterpieces on your 21st Century computer.

The program is written by Martin Braun and ‘bows to the original MacPaint tools and its creators Bill Atkinson (code) and Susan Kare (artwork)’.

computer painting program
computer painting program
computer painting program

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