by Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Wednesday 16 October 2013

If you have low self-esteem because you were never really good at arts and crafts, look away now. Diana Beltran Herrera has been fascinated with birds since she was a child. Eventually, these animals inspired her to recreate their beautiful and elegant forms through her realistic sculptures. What she does is she first creates a base model, then adds in feathers via papercraft plumage.

It is a painstaking process to mimic the arrangement of hundreds of feathers and the fine details of a bird’s eyes, beaks, and legs. The 26-year old artist says that the bigger the bird, the longer it takes. She has recreated hundreds of species including, blue jays, birds of paradise, golden hummingbirds, blue herons, cardinals, flamingos, quetzals, red-bellied woodpeckers, and many more.

Via Fast Co.