Nymphomaniac posters shows celebrity orgasm faces

There’s no doubt Lars Von Trier likes to push the envelope with his movies and his soon-to-be-released film Nymphomaniac is causing quite a stir already. Ok, with a title like Nymphomaniac you can’t really expect a vanilla poster campaign and thanks to Flavorwire, we’re treated to a handful of orgasmic images that are so far from vanilla, we’re stunned (and pleased, all at the same time!)

The greatest poster in this collection? It’s a toss up between Udo Kier’s rolled-back-eye orgasm and Mia Goth’s totally out-there O. Let down of the series? Probably Shia LaBeouf’s slightly pretty post-orgasm cigarette poster. Oh well, he’s sure to make up for it when the movie releases.

Via Flavorwire

Nymphomaniac celebrity orgasm portrait
Nymphomaniac celebrity orgasm portraitNymphomaniac celebrity orgasm portrait
Nymphomaniac celebrity orgasm portrait
Nymphomaniac 5

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