Featured Image for NYC Street Art Wars! Banksy blasted by Trustocorp in bank sign pranks

NYC Street Art Wars! Banksy blasted by Trustocorp in bank sign pranks

Oh, TrustoCorp. The New York-based artist(s), who enjoy highlighting the hypocrisy/irony/hilarity of human behaviour through faux products and parody street signs, TrustoCorp’s latest is to take on Banksy, head on. Banksy is on the streets of New York this month, working on his ‘Better Out Than In’ project.

“We love Banksy and love seeing his work go up in our hometown, but we can’t help but notice the irony of a multimillionaire doing rebellious street art,” TrustoCorp told ANIMAL. “But hey, this is America and maybe we can be millionaire rebels one day too!”

Two signs have gone up so far – one in Williamsburg ‘sponsored’ by ‘Citibanksy’, and the other in East Village that’s via ‘Banksy of America’.

TrustoCorp’s Instagram account shows they are nothing but prolific, so we’ll be seeing more.

TrustoCorp's Banksy parody signs
TrustoCorp's Banksy parody signs - citibanksy

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